What sets MasterBlast! apart is the quality of the musicians and the fierce dedication they have to producing energetic and mesmerizing performances. Led by Johnny Masters from, Baby Loves to Cha-Cha, The Madonna Show, The Brothers of Oz, The Riva Band, Dora D Band and Wonderbrass. Also featuring Bec Caruana Singer and writer of the 2002 hit Dance All Night! Bec has charted in the top 40 and club charts, in Australia, Europe and Japan!

Bec has toured with major international acts including, Pink, Bon Jovi, Shaggy, Sugababes, Natalie Imbruglia, Liberty X, DJ Sammy, KLF, Snap, and C&C music factory.

Every time these guys  step out on the stage, it becomes one hell of a jam. Between them the MasterBlast! musicians have a combined 85,000 years experience in the music industry and have been unleashing their voracious appetite for all things funky on local, interstate and international stages since electricity was invented.

MasterBlast!  Is without a doubt, one of the most energetic groups on the Sydney scene, ideal for up market venues corporate events, lunchtime riots at Long Bay and any other venue with a captive audience. This is not only a band that will impress with its musicianship, but will captivate the audience with its showmanship. They will probably also look like they are having fun while doing it too.

More about Masterblast

MasterBlast! is an exclusively live five-piece band, which boasts an exciting mix of current pop and R&B, as well as Classic funk and retro tunes. The combination rarely allows breaks in between songs, to create a seamless groove throughout the entire set and keep the dance floor busy.


The dynamics of the night only go in one direction; from chill to ultra funky dance hits. When one song ends the thump of the kick drum serves as the intro to the next, keeping the audience on the dance floor and creating one continuous set from start to finish.